SinusBot MultiScript Version 4.5 ( Source Code ) [ BASH ]

SinusBot MultiScript Version 4.5 ( Source Code ) [ BASH ]

Oktober 14, 2018 6

24,99 4,99

Artikelnummer: RAW-002 Kategorie:


The Features:


  • Source Code editable
  • FULL Source Code
  • Extra Scripts ( Autostart Script )
  • Languages: German/English
  • Easy Installer


Warning: This script has been stopped!
This script may not work properly anymore.
But you have the possibility to edit the script so that it works.

The price has been permanently lowered.

This script is recommended for developers!

6 Antworten

  1. juanito sagt:

    bots are version 3.1.10

  2. Carlos sagt:

    Hey man
    This script will allow to create more than 2 musicbots per instance?
    Or multiple installs with 2 musicbots wich one?


  3. Carlos Silva sagt:

    Is this working?
    Can i buy it?

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